Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Scene of War

I thought I would have a go at doing an illustration of a scene rather than focus on a character. This image is meant to depict an urban environment after an intense military conflict.


  1. Thats really nice. The atmospheric perspective is really working.

  2. Yeah, this is really cool. Like Seb said, the atmosphere is nice. We don't have a lot of not character work on Houdini's and it's a nice change.
    I almost want to see a giant war machine trudging along far off in the background! Almost.

  3. It is pretty cool! I wonder how we could work scene creation into a future theme.... hmmm.... my vote is for a giant war machine aswell!

  4. Hey guys,
    Thanks for the positive feedback. It was fun to do a scene based illustration. Allowed me use a part of my brain that I had not tested for a while!
    By the way perhaps war machine could be a possible future theme...Wink Wink!

  5. So happy to see a scene/landscape piece in the blog...nice Job Dan and it was a pleasure seeing it come alive before my eyes at your digs!!!