Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Horse 'n Fly - Egor

Sooo I've been on holidays, hence the game of catch up. Back on track soon.
Heres my Horse and Fly pick. Short for time, I've knocked off an early Fantastic Four cover, ironically this was more work than I had thought and regrettably I don't remember which issue it was.
FYI Horse is an incredibly hard character to draw.....

editors side not: The issue was Fantastic Four #51 by Jack 'King' Kirby.
Heres a link for the original.!


  1. yea i spent some time getting horse right in my head, and on paper. hes a great character though..

    i like that you made fly a bit chubby, ive been toying with the same thing. Looks good Heathster, and welcome back!

  2. Yeah! I love the ff cover tribute man! You should have written "After Jack' on it!

    I really love it.

  3. Looking Good Egor!
    As Andi mentioned, great tribute to the classic Fantastic Four cover!