Monday, June 6, 2011

Tin Tin

Well staying true to form, I missed several weeks of topics and I am late with yet another submission! So this is my Tin Tin. I wanted to combine some key visual elements from the original Tin Tin series. For example the colours used in the character designs and the eyes. I feel the eyes in Herge's character's were very simple, but at the same time were essential in capturing the real essence of his characters. I combined these key elements with a typical mainstream comic book style. I must say I am happy with the final result. Thanks again team, your patience knows no bounds!


  1. This is great, man. Lookit Snowy! What a little faithful companion! I love his expression. The only thing i'd say is it feels like it needs an element in the background to give it depth, even if it's the sun or sumfink. Otherwise: awesome!

  2. Hey Andi,
    Thanks for the constructive feedback dude! I think the picture looks much better thanks to your advice! Much appreciated!

  3. Better late than never! Especially when its as awesome as this dude! Love it.