Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hellboy - by the new guy

Hey guys, big thanks to Andy for the invite =)

I love some of the topics you've had on this blog. If i can find the time I'm going to try and work my way through past topics. I cant resist the idea of drawing something out of big trouble in little china =P

It was 10 tons of fun drawing this Hellboy. I almost never draw for myself these days. I'm definitely going to spend some time this week to finish this one off, but i didn't want to spend too much time on it now because it didn't seem to be in the spirit of this blog.  Please enjoy.

and you can see more of my work on my blog;



  1. BAM! And he's out of the gate! What a great start. I like that the background is kinda expressionistic. I wouldn't fuss too much on it. Welcome aboard man!

  2. The body work looks amazing! And I love the colours! Wow!

  3. Good Gravy! This is amazing! Talk about hitting the scene with a Bang! This is good stuff Sebastian! Like Fast Eddy I must say you have a very impressive body of work! Welcome on board the good ship Houdini! You can tell I am excited by the fact I am end every sentence with an exclamation mark!

  4. Dude that is awesome, AWESOME! I love the contrasting blue against the warmer colours. Very Nice... and welcome Aboard!

  5. Thanks for the welcome guys =) Glad you liked the sketch