Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hush - Fast Eddy

Once a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne, Thomas Elliot grows up to be one of Batman's fiercest enemies! He has no super powers but was the one who taught Batman to use his enemies strengths against them. He is also a brilliant surgeon and able to change his identity by performing plastic surgery on his own face! With only the aid of a mirror! Oh weapon of choice - silenced pistol... hush little Batman don't you cry... bwahahahahaha!


  1. I really like the scratchy fine lines and the cross hatching - you've created a great result that has depth. Its hard to create something thats loose but refined? Theres a very fine line between a sketch and something thats been thought out - you've pulled it off, this is great stuff keep it up.

  2. Thanks Egor, it's a sketchy sketch from a sketchy man!