Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chill with Mr Freeze

My pict is based on Otto Preminger the second actor to play Mr Freeze on the the TV show. For some reason he had ridiculously long bushy orange eyebrows, meh go figure. Comics, Movies, TV shows - the most interesting thing about Batman are his villians. They've never been cooler (he he he he) than they were in the TV show.
FYI this was my second attempt and took alot longer than it looks. I'll post the first at a later date (its completely different).


  1. Looks awesome! I was also gonna go with Mr. Freeze for this one, but after seeing this gem, i might have to rethink my approach.. well done!

  2. I too was going to do a Mr Freeze! I love the Mignola designed Batman animated costume design, plus he was such a tragic character in that series. And then Arnie came along. "Ice to see you". Sigh.
    Great job, Egor!

  3. I am much more impressed by those older characters, they were so much wittier and didn't take themselves so seriously. I like this minimal style, it often takes longer to get something like this right than a more complex piece. Nice :)