Thursday, September 23, 2010

Princess Mononoke: Poop Log - Andy

I'm not going to lie to you, Oh User of the Internets. This is, sadly, my second attempt at this topic. The first attempt was a little ambitious and I really couldn't get it to work properly. Instead of that garbage you get an image of a japanese anime character pooping on a log.

I like Princess Mononoke. Her character design is simple but cool and she's one tough character. Plus, her buddy is a giant wolf. I think the star of this piece though, for me, is the stump with it's woody knots and shrooms and foliage. That and the glow bugs.


  1. Dude thats a great pict! Had you not mentioned the questionable position, I wouldnt have even thought that. PLUS this version is keeping in theme with your square frame formation.
    I like your pict. that said I would be interested to see the failed attempt.

  2. I thought i'd blog it on one of the 'off weeks' Whens the next one? 14 weeks away?!

  3. yea i quite liked the look of your first one, but all those trees.. i can see why you chopped em down, plus yea this one fits in your square theme, but dont feel trapped to your composition, break out and create a new series!

  4. Andy this is awesome! I like the sense of movement you get from the flowing cape. The position is cool too, it looks as though she might be on the verge of kicking arse!!