Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Porco Rosso - Egor

For me Studio Ghibli is equal to: wide sprawling landscapes, lush green fields, snow capped mountain tops, sparkling crystal blue water. Unique (often strange) well developed characters. And of course colour. Really really gorgeous colour.
With that in mind, I decided to steer WELL CLEAR of any of that.
Porco Rosso is my favourite Studio Ghibli film. An Italian WW1 fighter pilot cursed to look like a pig, who chases air pirates. Action, Comedy, Tragedy whats not to love.


  1. Thanks dude. Theres a couple of things I'd change (isnt there always), but in general Im pretty happy with it.
    Cant wait to see everyone else's.

  2. Sorry guys i only just figured out how to see the comments! Looks excellent! Am loving the angle and the composition! I want to live in a secret hideout like Porco!

  3. its a shame we cant mess with the height restrictions on post images.. this great image is slightly dimished by its shrunken size. altho maybe we can.. ill look into it..

  4. Actually its incredibly easy to resize the display borders, you should get on that, or give me editing permissions and ill get on it :)

  5. For me this is a really sweet composition - I like your use of shapes and how you have reserved pure black for the focal point. Feels good to look at this one with all those muted tones and graphic treatment.