Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hello 2013, so long Scalped - Egor

Houdinis back after a lot longer break than planned. What can I say - lots happening.

The first handful of posts will be me picking something from my ever growing read pile.
First up.... Scalped - the 60 issue saga written by Jason Aaron and penciled by R.m. Guera.
Scalped is the story of Dashiell Bad Horse, an undercover FBI agent sent to the reservation he grew up on to bring down Chief Red Crow. The story has everything a good crime story should have mystery, sex, violence. The characters are well developed and the story always has a purpose. Theres a sense of destination, not once did it feel like it they were treading water. The art is also a big plus for me. Its gritty dark, with lots of solid blacks - but remains very clear and understandable. Every character is instantly recognisable, no generic easy cop-outs - theres a real caricature feel about them.
Sadly, the story is complete and the series has ended. It has to be one of the best series I've read in a long time - come to think of it its one of the few series I've continued to collect beyond 30 issues.

Enough rambling - I present, Dashiell Bad Horse.

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