Saturday, December 8, 2012

Freak Force - Egor

Drawing the Xsatixs last few weeks got me nostalgic for another tam of wacky heroes I used to follow - Eric Larsen's Freak Force. A rag bag bunch of characters that first made there debut in Savage Dragon the team went on to get there own title (all be it brief). In my opinion I think the title fell short due its average art. It was flat and uninteresting not horrifically bad, but nothing great. Plus the chicks always looked like men with big ears?
Any way I decided to redraw the team and give them a updated look.
Mighty-man (top Left) is essentially the same, in hind sight id tweak the cape.
Ricochet (top right) I gave her a more pulpy feel and pistols that would shot ball bearing size explosives
Barbaric (back centre) I see more as a WWF wrestler in the 80's.
Dart (mid left) I ditched the super model in high heels and made her more GI Jane, replacing the tiny darts with batons.
Horridus (bottom left)  Nothing new here, Id probably just make her more alien like
Super Patriot (Centre) Im probably most unhappy with this one. In hindsight Id make him more like a giant slinky with guns.
Rapture (bottom right) A former prostitute turned hero (I kid you not). Ditched the puffy hair, gave her some clothes. I see her as electricity leech kinda like a vampire that drains the electricity from people.
And thats my take on the team.