Monday, May 14, 2012

Spidey Villains

Apologies for the very late post. Work commitments came up...

So I've been watching the Ultimate Spiderman carton series. Its fun, really fun. Its how I remember reading spidey comics as a kid. At some point someone decided to make Spidey all grown up and winey. Thankfully the carton sets him up as a teenager at school. Theres a lot of liberties and not exactly true to comic law, but its all great. The only thing Id question is the choice of White Tiger on the team? they already have a super ninja so why not Firestar instead?

Anywho Im rambling. This week marks the start of a 4 week epic of Spiderman Villains. I know we've done this theme before, but its just to much fun not to do again (or 4).
Im gonna keep things open each week. Draw some of your favourites completely up to you.

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