Friday, February 17, 2012

Theme 2 for 2012: LITTLE DEITIES.

Hi everyone!
As Egor mentioned there has been a change of plans! I have been organising an exhibition titled Little Deities and it will be launching on the 8th of March at the No Vacancy gallery at the QV building in Melbourne. The exhibition is being supported by the good folk at Moritz beer.

The idea behind the show was to give each participating artist a standard size doll and then ask them to convert it into a GOD! I thought this idea would translate well to a Houdini's theme. So I ran it past Egor and he gave it the green light.

So there it is people! Your theme for the next fortnight is Little Deities! Now go forth and paint, draw or collage what you think a new god would look like! Have fun people!!!

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