Sunday, October 16, 2011

Horse and Fly - Drew

This is very late i know, but i had been working on this on and off since the theme was announced, and was never completely happy with it, changing up styles and such, a couple shown underneath..

This was a trial for the cover of the horse and Fly story Earl gave me ages ago, where the gang pretty much go on a scavenger hunt.. Theres more to it, including some not-orcs, but we'll leave that for when i finally finish the pages.. So yeah not completely happy with this, was having trouble getting enough contrast in the rendering so i threw on the outlines, but still its unfinished.. and got bored of doing the background but i figured i should post it up so at least you guys could see what id done..

ps. i love Horse and Fly, the characters are great fun to draw, really rich and interesting but also not so serious that you need to know them in and out to enjoy their antics..


  1. This turned out great, man. I know what you mean, I think a bit more depth in the shadows would definitely ground them, but colour wise it is beautiful!

  2. What Andi said.

    Also, we're gona put up McGregor's story on our Horse and Fly site and then our own next one while im writing a more proper origin story than the mini scripts ive previously done. If you finish the (well lets call it what it was, a tow towers parody strip) story i wrote for you anytime, that the above is from, we'll post that too. Same goes to Leigh and his steaming pools of stench / insane witch who is also a park ranger with assistant monkey-cowboys story.


    Glad you like the characters, But they are too COMPLETELY serious. Obviously.

  3. the orange one was me trying a limited monochromatic palette, giving it a more graphic edge..

  4. Thats really cool Drew, love seeing the process steps involved.
    I know theres a lot love for the characters so glad they're still in the back your head.