Sunday, October 9, 2011

4-LOM - Drew

Another week, another droid bounty hunter.. Not that droid bounty hunters are common in the Star Wars universe, theyre actually quite rare. 4-LOM is a very cool droid though. He started off as a protocol droid much like C3PO but overcame his programming and started a process of self-evolution. First he became a master thief, then a bounty hunter, where he teamed up with Zuckuss. He planned on learning the Gand's intuitive techniques to foresee the future, and amazingly even succeeds in his meditations. A droid without limitations, he even foresees a future where hes learning to master the force and become a jedi...


  1. Awesome character, almost makes me want to read some star wars novels.

  2. I like your choice Drew - I would have gone for him too!

  3. Dude, I dont know who this guys is or how you know so much about these obscure characters, but very cool.