Friday, September 23, 2011

Theme 61 - Star Wars pt2 or the Empire Strikes Back!

Well done everyone for a very impressive last week. Continuing our Star Wars theme this week we look at the Rebellion or the 'good guys'.
Choose you favourite Rebel fighter - can be anyone you want from any of the Star Wars related franchises BUT....
and theres always a BUT...
The exception is NO Jedi's, for that matter no main characters of any kind ie Han, Chewy...
Think the little guy, the guy/gal who had 10 seconds of screen time and perhaps only one memorable line of dialogue!
Have fun guys and keep on drawing!


  1. I tell ya, the 3rd best thing about these Houdini challenges is going back and watching old movies for inspiration.

  2. This one might be challenging, the dark side is sooo much easier.