Friday, July 22, 2011

WERE BACK!!!!!!!!!!

After a well earned break, Houdini's Last Escape is BACK!
I hope everyone's enjoyed their time off. However if your like me you're probably itching to break out the crayons and start scribbling!

Whats install this time round? Well to begin with we'll be following the tried and true way - every Friday a different them is chosen and the collected brilliant talented gang of illustrators have one week to represent. We draw for fun not the fame!
After a bit, we're gonna try something different with the selecting of themes. But more on that later.

So lets kick off Houdini Round two with - Wolverine.
He's the Cigar smoking, beer swilling, hairy midget with a knack for killing things. Some call him Logan, I call him Theme 53.


  1. lol, awesome. I don't know what method you use to pick these topics, but keep it up!

  2. Have you been taking a course in copywriting Heath?

    that was pretty good

  3. Heath's the best there is at what he does, and what he does is choose themes. He's also extremely good at colour matching.