Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hello Boy

Well this is my Hellboy piece. Like my Tin Tin piece was interested in providing an Australian setting for this illustration. So I thought it would be cool to show Hellboy about to take on the mythological Rainbow Serpent. I had a lot of fun mucking around with the various Hues for the serpent.

By the way, below are some links to articles about the Hungarian Mummies I mentioned in my last post.


  1. Man those are some creepy Mummies. Thanks for the link. The Rainbow serpent is a great idea for Hellboy, but somehow that long flat shadow and warm lighting are what make me think of Aus.

  2. Really diggin that serpent! The colours are awesome!

  3. I remember this book i had on the rainbow snake that carved rivers into Australia when it moved. I swear Aboriginal stories are an untapped resource for Mignola related stories! Great subject choice, bro.