Saturday, May 7, 2011


Thor! What a great subject! I was really excited by this theme. I didn't want my depiction of Thor to be based on the marvel comic version, I wanted him to appear as a real Viking may have looked back in the day. I also wanted to have fun with a dynamic pose. Enjoy!


  1. Way cool man! I love his outfit, is it based on research of real viking wear?

  2. Hey Eddy!
    Thanks for the positive feed back. Yeah I did do a little bit of research regarding the outfit. It was surprising to learn how relatively simple the battle garments for Vikings were. Aside from the bright colours in Thor’s clothing, his outfit is a rather accurate depiction of typical Viking battle-wear.

    Hope all is going well with your comic project!


  3. Although real warhammers had relatively small heads (not much bigger than a regular tool hammer head, and certainly smaller than a sledge hammer) and much, much longer handles compared to the modern image of Mjolnir we're all used to seeing.

    Although that Thor's hammer had a short handle compared to most is part of its genuine mythological origin story. Which I could tell you if all if it's been too long between Earl rants.

    I didn't even have to look up how to spell mjolnir.

  4. Thanks for the info there Earlofthercs!

  5. I like the old school take on the theme. Great colours aswell Dan.

  6. Man. I see a clobberin' coming on!

  7. No worries, Dan, it's what I'm here for. Although I forgot to mention that I like your picture!