Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cave Troll - Andy

Usually I'm the guy that goes crazy with the textures and dot-tones etc. so when I sat down to do this LOTR post that was my first thought. Then I says to myself, I says: 'Andy, again with the texture? Really?" So I decided to do one totally devoid of my usual gimmicks.
Here's a Cave Troll cornering some some poor creature in a small cave nook. He looks a bit like the Hulk. If we do a Hulk week I will repurpose this image.


  1. Nice. Honestly really wasnt expecting you to go off style, especially for this theme. Also surprised by the choice, not that its not good, just had thought you'd go for an orc or gollem.

  2. Amazing colour Andy. Well done

  3. Yep really nice Andy. Great work with the lighting, it's exactly how it would look to someone trapped in the dark, all overexposed.