Sunday, April 3, 2011


Me again, this time with a Superman submission. With this piece I decided to try a stylistic reverse of the work I have been doing lately. Normally with an illustration of the human form, I would increase the size of the character's head, hands and feet. I would also normally apply flat blocks of colour to flesh out the illustration as well.

So in an effort to experiment and continue to test myself I decided to reverse my abstration of the forms. In this pieces I extended the length of the figures torso and made an effort to shrink the size of the figures head's, hand's and feet. I also had a courser treatment of line art accompanied by a more tonally subtle application of colour.

Thanks gang.


  1. Welcome back Dan! Heh, this is really cool, i like the henchmen outfits, though that guys crazy thinking he can hold back Supes!

  2. Dude this is really wacky -I LOVE it!