Sunday, April 24, 2011

Heroes in a Half-Shell - Drew

A little late with this one, but TMNT are just too awesome a theme to let go by.. One of the best things about the turtles wasnt just that they were ninjas but they were teenage ninjas, so when they werent out on the streets kicking butt they were goofing around, eating pizza and doing a bunch of cool things kids like to do. So i went with Mickey kicking back with some video games and za..

I was just building this up as i went, its really only half finished, but i thought id post it up while it was still a bit rough and loose instead of spending forever working it up into something more.


  1. Yeah this really captures the vibe of Ninja Turtles! Especially Michaelangelo! And the choice to keep it lose fits with the vibe as well. It's just the vibe!

  2. I bet he's playing Super Mario Cart 64. That's my guess and I'm sticking too it. Is this ink or digital? I like that I can't tell!