Monday, March 28, 2011

Superman - Drew

I havent read many Superman comics, but him being the ultimate good guy, my favourite image of him is from the 3rd superman movie when hes not so good. After he gets hit with the funky kryptonite he turns a bit evil, or normal? and i love the scene where hes getting drunk at the bar then starts super-flicking peanuts, smashing bottles...

I think i was inspired by Leigh's recent flurry of posts and wanted some nice clean lines for this one, i even busted out my lightbox. Then i went for some simple colours and shading to go with Superman's primary based ensemble, slapped it on a paper texture id been holding onto awhile, and Bob's your uncle's mistress...


  1. Good to have you back bro! And regular? This is sweet. Great work.

  2. Should be regular. Depends if Egor keeps coming up with good topics.. ooo pressure...

  3. Nice one Drew. Yeah it gets boring when characters are too good all of the time. Good idea.