Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sagat - Fast Eddy

This was a tough one! Who to choose!? What style to do it in!? How am I gonna live up to all the awesome street fighter art that is out there!!? So I took a deep breath and just gave it a shot... It was done with pencil, then inked, then coloured afterwards in Photoshop.


  1. Sagat was one of those guys that was deadly if you knew how to use him! I love the layout of this piece. Is there a bit of the golden ratio going on here?

  2. Tiger Uppercut, Tiger Knee, Good stuff teddy.

  3. Yeah Tigerr! Tigerr! Thanks Bob.

    Thanks Andy, I didn't conciously use the golden ratio but I did take note of the crop tool in Photoshop which breaks the image into thirds. I drew the figure and the background seperately so that I could play around with it once it was in Photoshop.