Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cobra!!!!!!!!! - Egor

Come on Cobra Commander is the greatest evil villain ever! Okay he cops a beat down every time from the Joes but, BUT, his not doing too bad really. Lets look at the facts.
CC commands a global empire, which has fangs in every area of society - military, political, entertainment, finance EVERYWHERE. His endless legions are armed with tech too impossible to even comprehend. And despite being surrounded by a bunch of ruthless turncoats just itching to stick a knife in, this Caesar somehow comes out on top every time.
Hail Cobra!

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  1. I guess I never got into the JOES. It's funny how those 80's toons had that thing where the second in command of those bad organisations were constantly vying for the top job. Wus with that? You've really helped me see a side of Cobra Commander I didn't see before.