Monday, February 7, 2011

John Lennon - Fast Eddy

Hi all! I'm afraid I've been a bit lazy with my posts lately and it's more of the same here. This is a stencil piece I did as a commission a while back. And as that had only been seen by the person who commissioned it and the spiders in my shed (where I paint) it feels good to air it here.


  1. Sharp, man. I'm all for cutting corners here and there, especially when it looks this good! So do you mean stencil as in cut out paper and spray paint?

  2. Yep cut out of ezi-cut stencil paper. Laid down a black background, then spray paint for the blue, white and then black details such as the glasses. Without those glasses it's just not lennon 8-)

  3. Great likeness Eddy and i like the Black, White Blue combination.