Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dr. Doom - Fast Eddy

Hey guys, Merry Christmas to you all! For this Dr. Doom theme I chose do to a cross between the usual caped villain and an evil samurai. This is because I've been looking at the old japanese woodblock prints and admiring the detail that the artists would put into the pattern on the kimono.


  1. Eddy this is incredible! Apart from being a very cool idea to set Dr.Doom in another time period, its a really really cool pic! I have no clue how you did the pattern work on the Kimono, but its awesome.

  2. Thanks heaps Egor! It took ages to do the pattern on the Kimono, cos I did it by hand in order to get the changes in the pattern to match the movement of the material. But it was worth being a little more patient than I usually am :)

  3. I like the metal details even more then the kimono esp the hand. Great work and top effort. Very cool Teddy.