Saturday, October 23, 2010

Poseidon - Leigh

for some reason knowing that the mythology was going to be an ongoing task, I've decided to do the theme as "Sporting logos".
This was stupid
now I'm having to do more Illustrator designed entries that take way to long. But I am satisfied by this one so I'll keep doing it.
There are a few thing that I'll look out for the next time.
the figure looks too much in my style (so I'll try to shoot some reference for the next one)
the name of the town is tacked on as it was an after thought.
The image is too passive (I'll look to alter the pose to something more front on)
too much detail and elements (simplify).


  1. Jeez dude, your - your own worse critic! Its a great pict and great theme for the future mythology posts.

  2. what i like about this is the strong movement and to was executed with nice contrast of colors from the Armour to the background. What i like most which helps hold the shield is the series of wavy lines under Poseidon. I think if those lines were not their the image could easily be unbalanced and spacey. Nice touch.

  3. Really well done Leigh! I wouldn't have even noticed town thing if you hadn't pointed it out! Def do more like this.