Tuesday, September 7, 2010

LUDO from The Labrynth - fast eddy

Hi everyone! Thanks to Andy for introducing me to this blog. Had a lot of fun looking through all the artwork that's been done, it looks fantastic! I really liked the theme for this week. At first I thought it had to be Kermit and then I thought it had to be Bert & Ernie, but then by chance I was watching The Labrynth and saw Ludo and thought he was the one! I had totally forgotten about Ludo - a great character! Love his orange fur! It took ages to do draw it though!


  1. Hi Eddy! Everyone meet Eddy, Sarah's cousin, Eddy meet everyone. Great illustration, man. I'd say that's ante upped, right out of the gate!

    I feel like Beaker: Meep!

  2. Welcome aboard Eddy, way to make a first impression! Look forward to seeing future sketches.

  3. Hey Dude, welcome aboard, and loving the illustration, awesome stuff!