Friday, August 20, 2010

Update from Egor

Houdinislastescape has been running for 14 weeks now - thought it was time to do a general post on how things are progressing. Also to give people a heads up on things to come.

First of all I couldn't be more happier with how the blog's developed. Just look at all the great work that the contributors have done, truly amazing! What started out as a means for me to push myself into drawing again has become something much more. Thanks guys for all your posts, its pretty damn cool of you.

The future: Coming up we'll have a very short one week brake (insert sad faces here). Its a busy time of year for a lot of us and we've been steaming, pretty steadily through the past 14 weeks. Aside from giving everyone a short break, it will also be an opportunity for anyone to post themes they may of missed out on OR if your like me, Im gonna post up some of the sketches I did in preparation for each topic. So never fear there will be new content to check out.

Also, week 20 will see the first of many themes chosen by someone other than myself. If you have an idea, leave a suggestion in the comments section in the next few weeks (yes -contributors may suggestion a theme). Themes will be randomly selected or something to that effect.

Next - Still in its conception stage is to develop the blog into an alternative format (a side project, the blog itself will continue). As I said, still working out the whats and hows so will be down the track a bit, but will keep you all informed at the appropriate time.

Lastly the thing that REALLY needs to happen is to replace the hideous banner! Its been on the to do list for awhile, but like my desire for a tattoo my ideas/tastes changes daily, so will work on this.

Hope your all enjoying the blog, feel free to add theme suggestions or comments.

Thats it from me, best be getting back to work now......hmmm....gumble.... moan......


  1. Theme suggestions by Andy:
    1. The Monsters of guillermo del toro
    2. Simpons house of horrors
    3. quentin tarantino characters
    4. Calvin & Hobbes
    5. Jim Henson Characters.
    6. studio ghibli

  2. Oh oh Calvin and Hobbes pretty please!! and Liberty meadows!

  3. On another note I'm loving this Blog guys and I'm so very impressed and proud!! lol love it!