Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kit Fisto - Andy

I'm sorry. It's true. I picked a character from the new trilogy. Shun! Shun!
But in fairness, I think it's fair to say I picked the coolest Jedi. Coolest looking, anyway.
Yes, there are hundreds of characters I could of picked, but it was always either gunna be Kit or Chewy, and who could be bothered with all that fur?


  1. Hes def a cool ass jedi, plus even tho hes from the new trilogy, he was my fav char from the clone wars animated shorts, which makes it all ok :)

    My Star Wars pics gonna be a week late, kinda got a bit on my plate this week..

  2. Yeah he was awesome in the clone wars series. It's a pity he died one of the lamest deaths at the hands of the emperor; He didn't even put us a fight!
    Can't wait to see you pics, man. Were you been? We've got a long list of contributors and 2 or 3 people submitting!

  3. Gee I dont know. I still would of liked to have seen you do a Ja Ja Binks. Im really digging the running format you've had going for the past few posts. Makes each pict instantly recognisable as yours.

  4. I've been doing that mostly as a shortcut. You may be able to tell in a few posts i've tried tricks to keep the time down on each one. On this one used the same background as on Ramona, which I pulled out of another illustration i'd done 6 months ago.

    I piss fart around too much doing the main dude, I gotta cut corners somewhere!

  5. I figured as much. Stylistically its great and if it saves time then perfect. Part of the blog experiment is to discover the most efficient process and method to create something. Still havent worked it out.

  6. yea u got a tidy lil thing going there andy, with em all same format like that can easily throw em nicely together in folio or watever..

    i typed out a reply earlier but got lost cos i had to sign in.. i been a lil busy lately, only had time to do some light sketches for topics instead of working em up a lil.. ill try to post up a few missed ones in the next week or so.. theres been some great topics..

    and yea, totally wanna see some of the other 'contributors' submitting in the future too.. :)