Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sandy - Drew

I went with Sandy for this one, i love his skull necklace. Did this in manga studio, which is a new program for me so i had a play with the different pens and brushes. I'll have to experiment with it more in the future to try and get some nice linework going..


  1. No doubt, Sandy looks tough as with the skulls. But I never understood what the deal/motivation was for Sandy. Monkey was repenting for being all super ego and Pigsy for having no self discipline - but what was Sandys fault? clumbsiness? for breaking the Emperors jade chalice! For that he gets banished to Earth, to live the life as a man eating demon! Tough Break, tough break....

  2. He wasn't a demon, he was a sea monster. Big difference. Still ate people of course, until he converted to Buddhism. Those are actually replacement skulls made for bean curd and calcified wheat protein.

  3. Damn, that Earl is ever erratic.