Friday, July 2, 2010

007 - Zombies

hmm, so as Im writing this I think its safe to conclude that last weeks 'fun' theme of the Venture Brothers, turned out to be a lot more challenging than anyone could of imagined!
I've been struggling. Id like to do the show and characters justice and nothing thus far has been up to scratch. So I'll work on it some more and hopefully get something up soon. Good work Andy for a great Brock Samson, really awesome and done well within time!
Whilst Im rambling away, I wanted to welcome Leigh and Neil to the site as contributors. These guys are pretty damn talented - looking forward to their sketches!
So onto this week. The dreaded undead - Zombie/s. Why? because zombies are pretty much the only modern horror movies I enjoy.
Degree of difficulty/fun? - no comment, Im sick of being proved wrong.


  1. lol i dont know about difficult, ive just been fairly lazy this week and havent finished my venture drawing yet, i shall do so promptly and put it up by days end... maybe :P

  2. Yay, zombies! For some strange reason I know exactly what i want to draw...